Floating Yogis

SUP Yoga Classes for all Levels in San Diego, CA


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Timothy C. of Carlsbad - "I took one of these classes from Marci and Sarah and it was such a unique experience. At first I thought, this is a lot of work for a yoga class, but once we were out on the water doing the poses I felt a unique connection to nature and the beauty of my surroundings. I was even able to do a little paddleboarding after the class. If you like yoga and love being outside, I highly recommend you try it."

Fran M. of Del Mar - "What a fabulously fun and peaceful way to experience yoga in a new way! Grab some friends and sign up for an experience that will leave you restored and smiling for the rest of the day!"

Elizabeth K. of Encinitas - "Thanks you so much for the awesome workshop! I look forward to my next class with you two yogi-mamas!"

Claire B. of La Jolla - "So much fun!!! Thank you for a great morning out Floating Yogis!!"

Jennifer S.of Encinitas - "Marci is great at getting people motivated. This is such a great idea. The scheduling is so easy, and I always look forward to seeing her.  

Michelle L. of San Diego - "Thank you again for an amazing yoga experience!"

Sasha P. of Cardiff  - "This was the most amazing class ever taken. It was so peaceful and beautiful being on the water while doing yoga. The teachers are amazing and help you feel confident on the paddle board. It's also an awesome workout. I am a beginner and never once felt worried about falling in or not being able to do it. I am recommending these guys to everyone." 

Tara W. of Escondido - "I have never had so much fun working out!"

Shirlene K. of Cardiff - "Keep rockin' it ladies!!! This is a bucket list experience for all!

Casey P. of San Diego - "What a cool way do to yoga! Standing on a paddleboard on the water added so much more to the experience than doing yoga in a traditional setting. Balancing on the board while moving through the different poses was both challenging and fun! It forces you to use your core muscles and intensifies the workout. Letting go is easy as the scenery can't be beat! I'm telling everyone I know to try it!"  

Kristin C. of Carlsad - " You are both so sweet! I'ms so grateful to have taken the class with you this morning, what a beautiful way to start the day! I'm really happy to have met you and can't wait for my next class! Thank you so much for expanding my practice! :)"   

Lisa L. of Carlsbad - "I would like to thank you ladies for a great time yesterday. I learned the imporance of shifting the ody in equal directions on the board (Camel, wheel, downward dog, warrior 1, etc). One thing to practice balance of the body on dry land, ut a whole different story on a paddleoard. I'm feeling muscles I never knew I could use."